Nwadishi said. “The truth is that we are back to square one, we have always been told a lie about subsidy”


In an interview with Arise Television, Faith Nwadishi, Executive Director of the Centre for Transparency Advocacy, stated that Nigeria has regressed in matters concerning gasoline subsidies and the availability of petrol to fulfil end-user needs. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

“The truth is that we are back to square one; we have always been told a lie about the issues around fuel subsidy and petrol availability in the country,” Nwadishi stated during the interview.

A screenshot of Faith Nwadishi from a video clip released by Arise Television on their official X handle


Regarding what makes the matter worse, She added that “the worst part is that you now have the independent marketers correlating what NNPC is saying that it is a logistics problem, and petroleum marketers are saying it will take you another two weeks because they have to do some other things, which also boils down to the fact that it is also a logistics problem.

She further added that “the fact of the matter is that we are supposed to be the number one crude oil producing country in Africa, and yet we don’t have access to the finished product.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Click the link below to watch the full details. Start from 00:01 to 01:20.


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