Nigerians Reacts After FG Said Any Worker That Joins Nationwide Strike Risks 6 Months Imprisonment

Nigerians Reacts After NLC Shows The Break-Down of Nigeria's Senators Earning MonthlySocial media users and labor activists have taken to the streets in protest over the federal government’s harsh warning that workers taking part in the impending nationwide strike might spend as much as six months behind bars.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Attorney General and Justice Minister Lateef Fagbemi reportedly warned workers not to down tools without a formal 15-day notice, citing Section 18 of the Trade Disputes Act. Failure to do so might result in fines and imprisonment upon conviction, according to an article published in the Daily Trust.

“Section 18 of the Trade Disputes Act requires a worker employed in any essential services to give their employer 15 days notice before ceasing their services and any who did not comply would be liable on conviction to a fine or imprisonment for six months,” Fagbemi stated following a meeting between government officials and labor leaders.

The hardline message came as the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) have vowed to proceed with an indefinite strike starting Monday to press demands for a new national minimum wage, despite the government’s latest proposal being rejected.

On social media, Fagbemi’s warning provoked outrage from many Nigerians who viewed the implied threat of criminalization as a heavy-handed tactic to undermine workers’ constitutional rights to protest.

“So we’ve gotten to the point where government is threatening to jail workers for demanding better wages? This is unacceptable,” one Twitter user wrote in a post that gained widespread traction.

Others questioned the rationale of potentially imprisoning workers providing essential services that could jeopardize public welfare and safety if their grievances forced them to stay off the job.

“Jailing health workers, utility staff, security personnel over a legitimately demanded wage increase surely can’t be the solution here,” another social media comment stated.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>