My Wife Was on Her Knees Begging Him Not to Shoot, He Suddenly Pulled the Trigger – According to Bereaved Husband

My Wife Was on Her Knees Begging Him Not to Shoot, He Suddenly Pulled the Trigger – According to Bereaved HusbandThe terrifying story of Dauda Jolaosho, a 44-year-old fish farmer from Alako Nla village in Abeokuta, began when his neighbor Saheed Olawale murdered and killed his wife because the solar light bills weren’t paid. According to Punch, Jolaosho, who escaped with bullet wounds, talked about how the incident destroyed his life and left him grieving for his wife’s premature passing.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

According to Jolaosho, the dispute stemmed from their joint purchase of solar lights, with Olawale failing to make weekly payments. When representatives came to collect the lights, tensions escalated, leading to the fatal confrontation.

In a heart-wrenching account, Jolaosho described the moment Olawale pulled the trigger while his wife pleaded for mercy, leaving her lifeless on the ground. The devastated husband emphasized the unexpectedness of such violence from a neighbour and close acquaintance.

He recounted, “The next thing I saw was his coming with the local gun. While my wife was on her knees begging him not to shoot, he suddenly pulled the trigger and I was hit on my arm when I looked back I found my wife of almost 18 years in the pool of her blood, she was dead.”

Left to care for their eight-month-old twins and three other children, aged 13, 10, and five, Jolaosho mourned the loss of his wife, who was a pillar of their family. Despite reporting the incident to the authorities, Olawale remains at large, evading justice.

Demanding accountability and support for his bereaved family, Jolaosho appealed to the government and fellow Nigerians for assistance. He called for justice for his late wife and urged the community to come together in solidarity against such senseless violence.

Confirming the incident, the Divisional Police Officer of Kemta, CSP Wale Famobuwa, provided details of the altercation, expressing the police’s commitment to apprehending the perpetrator.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>