Musa “When The Troops Pass An Area, Locals Will Call The Bandits & Tell Them The Troops Just Passed”

I am a farmer, my animals are caged, I have them in a ranch, I have grassland I feed them -According to Gen Musa

Chief of Defense Staff General Christopher Musa emphasized that joint efforts are necessary to combat criminal elements and that this is more than just the military’s job. He questioned the financial and logistical help that terrorists and bandits were receiving and voiced worries about it. General Musa drew attention to the participation of a number of people, including villagers trading goods with criminals. Specifically, he outlined incidents in which the movements of the military were revealed to the bandits by locals, including troop and vehicle counts. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

The General exposed the diverse contributors to criminal activities, ranging from doctors providing medical aid to musicians performing for them, shedding light on the financial incentives driving collaboration with criminals.

In an interview with Daily Trust TV, General Musa remarked, ”There are criminals joined together in this fight. Good people must join together to fight evil. The mistake we are making is that it’s only the military that should do it. Let me tell you a shocking thing, who are the people funding those guys? Who are the people giving them money? Who are the people giving them the logistics to work? People are trading with them.

When the troops pass an area, the locals will call the bandits and tell them the troops just passed. They will tell them the numbers of vehicles, and the number of troops. There are people that do that and it’s their business. We have doctors that go to the bush to treat them. In the North, we have women that carry women to them. Musicians go to sing for them. Because maybe if the man goes to sing somewhere, they might give him N5000 but those guys will give him N100,000 or N200,000. So when he thinks about the money he is making, he forgets that it is blood money.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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