Mrs Ikolo ‘My Husband Was Not Informed That These Soldiers Were Coming To That Area That Day’

'Since My Husband Has Become King, An Individual In That List Has Not Let Him Have Peace' -According to Mrs IkoloUgonwa Onwuneme Ikolo, the wife of the King of the Ewu Kingdom, has claimed that her husband, Clement Ikolo, was unaware that 17 soldiers were scheduled to arrive in Okuama on that day as part of a peacekeeping operation. She contended that it is unjust to hold Clement Ikolo exclusively accountable for events that take place under his purview. She made the point that there are other community leaders in Okuama Kingdom than her husband. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Highlighting the lack of due process, she criticized the decision to declare her husband wanted without allowing him to respond to the allegations. Contrary to claims of his evasion, she revealed that her husband had recently visited the Delta state police command as part of a courtesy call to the Commissioner of Police, yet was not instructed to surrender himself.

She said in an interview with Arise TV, ”They are holding him responsible because it is one of the communities that make up his kingdom. He’s not the only community leader in that kingdom. But my husband was not informed that these soldiers were coming to that area that day. Was even the local government chairman involved or even told that these soldiers were going on peacekeeping missions?

These are questions that we need to be asking. It is not okay to declare an innocent man wanted without even giving him the right to reply. They have not even invited him to their own office. And just last week he went to the Delta state police command on a courtesy call to the CP, at no time was he told to turn himself in. If you say you are looking for somebody, the governor of the state is the Chief Security Officer, you could have asked the governor to produce him.”

Clement Ikolo, the newly installed Ovie of Ewu-Urhobo Kingdom in Ughelli South Local Government area of Delta State was among the eight persons declared wanted by the defence headquarters over the March 14 killings of 17 officers and soldiers on a peace mission at Okuama community, Delta State. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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