Mixed Reactions As Notorious Abuja Kidnapper Chinaza Philip Reveals He’s Not A Kidnapper But An Armed Robber

Mixed Reactions As Notorious Abuja Kidnapper Chinaza Philip Reveals He's Not A Kidnapper But An Armed Robber

Social media users were prompted to comment on alleged famed Abuja kidnapper Chinaza Philip Okoye Emmanuel after he declared he was not a kidnapper. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Chinaza During his march through Abuja, Philip asserted that he was not a kidnapper, but he was skilled at stealing cars in Abuja and transporting them to Kano for sale.

He said that on the day that he was arrested, their plan was to snatch the victim’s car, but he was surprised when the leader of their gang ordered the victim to enter the car after they collected his car from him.

According to the report by The Cable, he said, “I want to categorically state that I am not a kidnapper. We only patrol at night and collect cars, and we take them to Kano for sale.

“That night, our aim was to rob the man and take his car, but I was surprised that after we collected his car, Yellow who is like our leader, asked the man to enter the back of the car.

“I did not know why he did that, and I could not argue with him, so we were driving to Kano before the police caught up with us in Kano State where I was arrested.”

The claim is coming from Chinaza Philip after the police said that he was one of the notorious kidnappers in Abuja.

The Police said that Chinaza and his gang had abducted their latest victim, Segun Akinyemi, and were taking him to Kano when the Police intercepted them in Kaduna State.

The claim from Chinaza that he is not a kidnapper has been generating mixed reactions from members of the public, and many have taken to the comments section to share their views on it.

Below are some of the reactions from people: CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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