Mixed Reactions After LP Says Peter Obi Has Titles Like “Dr And CON” Yet, He chose To Be Addressed As Mr

Obi: If you elect me as president, I can remove myself entirely from being answerable to the people

Following the Labour Party’s claim that Peter Gregory Obi, the former governor of Anambra state, held multiple titles but preferred to be addressed as “Mr.”, social media users have responded in a variety of ways. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

This claim was made in a post uploaded on the Labour Party Lagos Media’s official X account.

In the post that was shared online, the party claimed that the former governor of Anambra state has titles like Dr, His Excellency, Commander Of The Order Of The Niger, CON and many others but he chose to be addressed as Mr.

Labour Party Lagos Media wrote on its official page;

“He is a titled chief, but he doesn’t use the title. He has a Doctorate, but he doesn’t use the prefix ‘Dr’. He is a Knight, but he doesn’t use the “Sir.” title. He is His Excellency, but he doesn’t use the H.E. prefix. He is a Commander of the Order of the Niger, but he doesn’t use the suffix CON. He is a billionaire, but he treats everyone with respect, regardless of class or age. He is a bank boss and an astute business mogul, but he addresses himself as a trader. Despite all his noble laurels, he just goes by the name Mr”.



However, after the post surfaced online, there were several reactions from social media users.

Kindly read a few comments from some of the people who shared their thoughts on the post below.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>


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