Last Year A Prophet Prophesied That Our Incoming President’s Name Must Be In The Bible- According to Adeboye

Last Year A Prophet Prophesied That Our Incoming President's Name Must Be In The Bible- According to Adeboye

Renowned pastor Enoch Adeboye recently spoke powerfully on YouTube about the need to avoid deceit in a world full of many prophetic voices. Adeboye emphasized in a recent sermon that people need to have a direct relationship with God in order to avoid being duped by false prophecies. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

According to him, ” If you can’t hear from God, you’ll be deceived particularly in a world filled with all manners of prophet now. There were prophets who prophesied last year that the man who’s going to be our president his name must be in the bible. All manners of prophecies and all manners are already going out again like I told you at the watch night service, there are so many prophets speaking now, I should just keep my mouth shut I am a pastor anyway but if you can hear God yourself then nobody can deceive you. When someone is prophesying something, within you, you’ll quietly hear I didn’t send that fellow o.”

Pastor Adeboye warned that blindly following prophecies without personal confirmation can lead to confusion and manipulation. He encouraged his congregation to develop a close relationship with God, enabling them to distinguish between authentic divine messages and deceptive claims. He urged believers to exercise discernment, emphasizing the need to hear from God personally. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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