Lagos has 20 Local Govts, Kano has 44, Jigawa that was carved out of Kano has 2-According to Bode George

Former Military Governor of Ondo State Chief Bode George has called for a revision of Nigeria’s Constitution, pointing out the imbalance in the political system of the nation. George brought out the discrepancy in the number of local governments in the states of Jigawa, Lagos, Ogun, and Kano in an interview with Arise News.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He noted that Lagos, with the largest population and electoral body, has only 20 Local Governments, while Ogun State, with a significantly smaller population, also has 20. George expressed concern that Kano State has 44 Local Governments, despite having a smaller population than Lagos, and Jigawa State, carved out of Kano, has 26.

The elder statesman described the imbalance as “depressing” and emphasized the need for a constitutional review to address the issue.

In his words;

“Let revisit the Constitution. Lagos for example, It’s the largest in population in this country. It’s also the largest electoral body in Nigeria. How many Local Governments do we have? 20. Ogun State that is not even one quarter of the population of Lagos also has 20 Local Governments, Kano, we are more populated than Kano, Kano has 44. Jigawa that was carved out of Kano has 26. The imbalance is so depressing”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>