Lady Reveals Messages TB Joshua Sent Her Following His Guest House Collapsed And Killed Her Daughter

SCOAN PA Director Debunks "BBC has obviously shot itself in the foot" in the documentary TB Joshua

Mrs. Sonny, a South African, has shared the messages she received from the late Nigerian pastor TB Joshua following the collapse of her daughter’s guess house within the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN). All of this is a result of the BBC’s inquiry into the pastor’s passing. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Remember that when TB Joshua’s guest house in the SCOAN fell in 2014, no less than 115 members perished—among them, 84 worshipers from South Africa.

Speaking about the incident, Mrs. Sonny mentioned that Sibingile, her daughter, was among the fatalities. She mentioned that her daughter had attended the Synagogue church for the first time, having watched TB Joshua on television.

She claimed that the church withheld information from her for several days following the death of her daughter and that they would not provide it to her upon request.

According to Mrs. Sonny’s account, which was also published by Sahara Reporters, she received word from the church that her daughter had not survived five days later.

She revealed that following the incident, money was brought for her by TB Joshua’s representatives, but they declined to accept the money.

She claimed that TB Joshua threatened to kill her entire family in the same manner as her daughter did when they refused to accept the money.

“He started threatening us,” she stated after we declined to accept the money. “If you don’t take the money, your daughter won’t be happy,” he said.

“He told me in these messages that if you dwell on your losses, you could lose everything.” He threatened to bring down my entire family in the same manner that my daughter did.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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