Labour leaders drive the same car I drive; what is their salary that they can afford it – According to Onokpasa

Joe Ajaero and Festus Osifo, they just lack negotiating skills; that's just the bitter truth – According to Jesutega Onokpasa

Lawyer and ardent All Progressive Congress (APC) member Jesutega Onokpasa claimed in an interview on Prime Time, an Arise Television Program, that the labor union leaders encouraged the strike because they were doing better than the average Nigerian and that’s why they helped organize it. He also criticized them for leaving meetings while talks were still in progress.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Onokpasa had said, “Your Labour leaders Charles, they drive the same car I drive. I bought my car by any money, I don’t know how much is their salary, where they work, because they are supposed to be workers Joe Ajaero and uh what’s his name, Festus Osifo. What’s their salary that they can afford a car like that? You are talking about fighting for Nigerian workers, it’s just grandstanding. Yes, now there is simply no money, unless you are living in dreamland to pay N400,000 unless you are going to destroy the entire Civil Service. And then even me, listen, I’m a Tinubu supporter, I’m not a psychopath, that N60,000 is low, I don’t even agree with it.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>