JUST-IN: These Heavy Bombs Are Necessary To Deal With Hamas’ Vast Network Of Underground Tunnels—According to Graham

Using Nuclear Weapons In Gaza Is Not Necessary; Using 2000 Lb. Bunker Buster Bombs Is — According to Graham

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham has publicly supported Speaker Johnson’s legislative efforts to force President Biden to rescind his decision to withhold vital weapons from Israel, which is a recent development. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

This action is taken in the midst of rising hostilities as Israel tries to undermine Hamas’s strongholds, especially their vast system of command centers and underground tunnels.

Senator Graham’s endorsement was conveyed through his verified Twitter account, where he commended Speaker Johnson for his unwavering support of Israel, especially during a period of significant danger. The proposed legislation aims to ensure that Israel has access to the heavy bombs necessary to effectively address the challenges posed by Hamas’ fortified structures.

The call for legislative action underscores the complex geopolitical dynamics at play and highlights the U.S.’s role in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. Speaker Johnson, recognized by Senator Graham as an “incredible supporter of Israel,” has been instrumental in pushing for a more assertive stance in backing Israel’s military operations.

This legislative push aligns with a broader narrative of support within certain segments of the U.S. political landscape, which sees the provision of military aid to Israel as a critical component of the country’s foreign policy. The heavy bombs in question are considered vital for Israel’s strategic operations against Hamas, an organization that has been a long-standing adversary. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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