JUST-IN: Kano Guber: Gov Yusuf gets major boost ahead of Supreme Court verdict, details emerge

Kano Guber: Gov Yusuf gets major boost ahead of Supreme Court verdict, details emergeIn anticipation of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Kano governorship election, thousands of women in Kano gathered at the Silver Jubilee Roundabout, fervently demonstrating their solidarity and devotion through prayers.

As reported by Channels, their passionate assembly aimed to influence the verdict in support of Governor Abba Yusuf.……CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

With a collective desire for divine intervention, these committed women ardently called for justice in the ongoing election petition, expressing their unwavering faith in the forthcoming decision of the highest court.

The group’s spokesperson, Salamatu Suleiman, said: “We are beseeching the Almighty for the preservation of our mandate.

The Supreme Court stands as the beacon of hope for the common man, and we remain optimistic that justice will prevail in our favour.”

Emphasizing the accomplishments of Governor Abba Kabir’s tenure, Salamatu highlighted his impressive leadership within a brief timeframe.

She noted his efforts in resolving the pension arrears for retired workers, supporting marriages for local daughters, ensuring prompt salary payments, empowering Persons Living with Disabilities, and sponsoring numerous students for higher education in international universities.

However, the group’s primary focus extended beyond applauding these achievements, with a primary goal of promoting peace within the state.

She said: “Kano is in dire need of peace. We have sensed the foreboding signs of unrest, and the current political atmosphere demands divine intervention.

“Hence, our gathering today is not just to rally behind our governor but to invoke divine calmness upon our beloved state.”

The assembly, characterised by lively chants, intense prayers, and demonstrations of steadfast backing, ended as the women conveyed their optimism and confidence in the legal proceedings, eagerly anticipating the upcoming decision from the Supreme Court. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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