Joy Ebere Disclose’s ‘I Walked Up To The Man And I Said Sir, Why Did You Stab Him But He Did Not Say Anything’

Joy Ebere Disclose's 'I Walked Up To The Man And I Said Sir, Why Did You Stab Him But He Did Not Say Anything'Anosikwa Patrick, a resident of Lagos, was allegedly fatally stabbed on April 21 by a Police Inspector known only as Taofeek. Joy Ebere, the deceased person’s girlfriend, has said that she asked the police inspector why he had stabbed her partner, but he would not talk to her. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

She bemoaned the horrifying turn their apparently ordinary day took at Sky Mall when her boyfriend came back to the car covered in cuts. She described how the policeman was following the victim after he had been stabbed. She said the police inspector cocked his gun and forced onlookers to back off.

She said in an interview with TVC, ”It was just a normal day for us. There was no light and he said we should go out for fresh air. We went to the mall and around 12, he came back to me in the car and he said he wanted to go and get something from the entrance gate at Sky Mall. Within one minute, he came back with blood on his face. I rushed towards him and his clothes was already drenched in blood.

Behind him was the policeman that was following him, he had a gun in his armpit with a small knife. My boyfriend was pointing to him and the man did not deny that he stabbed him. I walked up to the man and I said Sir, why did you stab him but he did not say anything. I was confused and people were asking him why he stabbed him. The man just cocked his gun and everybody had to give him space.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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