Joseph Aloba Mohbad’s Father “I never said Falana threatened to kill me; I don’t believe he’ll be involved in such threat”

Joseph Aloba Mohbad's Father "I never said Falana threatened to kill me; I don't believe he'll be involved in such threat"The late singer Ilerioluwa Aloba’s father, Joseph Aloba, has said he doesn’t think a reputable attorney like Femi Falana would ever threaten to kill him. While refuting reports that he accused Falana of threatening to kill him, he made this statement. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In a recent report by Punch, Aloba firmly stated that the rumors that he said both Falana and his daughter-in-law, Omowunmi, had threatened his life are false and likely spread by people trying to cause trouble. He explained that he never made such accusations against Falana. He also emphasized that he does not believe such a respected lawyer would ever threaten him.

Aloba said when his family lawyer, Shittu informed him about the rumors, he immediately contacted Falana to clear things up and he assured Falana that he had never made those allegations. He also expressed his dedication to finding out the truth about his son’s death and securing justice for Mohbad. He alleged that the false reports are an attempt to create problems between his family and Falana.

In Aloba’s words: “I never alleged that Falana threatened to kill me and I don’t believe he will ever be involved in such threats against me” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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