‘Jonathan Was There As President But He Didn’t Relocate The CBN To Any Southern State’ -According to Aliu

North is beginning to lose hope in Tinubu administration, they see what he is doing as selfish–According to Aliu

Jaliu Aliu Charanchi, the coordinator of the Coalition of Northern Groups, has claimed that former President Goodluck Jonathan did not move the CBN offices to any Southern state during his tenure. He contended that since the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) is Nigeria’s geographic center, moving the CBN offices to one side of the nation is not justified. He underlined that all ministries and departments had to be housed in the FCT. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He queried whether the Emir played a role in facilitating this decision. He also expressed concern about the explanation of congestion at the CBN, suggesting that alternatives, such as building a car park, should be explored within the FCT rather than moving operations to Lagos solely to address parking space issues.

He said in an interview with The Sun, ”We believe that FCT is the middle of Nigeria. If it is the middle of Nigeria, there is no reason you take it to one side of the country. Whatever it is, Abuja is Abuja, FCT is FCT. All ministries and other departments should be in FCT.

Jonathan was there as President but he didn’t relocate the CBN to any Southern State. Is it that the Emir gave them the opportunity to now accomplish it? How are they decongesting the CBN? We know that CBN doesn’t have parking space but they are parking their cars at the National church. Can’t they find another place and build a car park? Is it only when they move to Lagos that they can find a parking space.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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