Jideofor said. “A man murdered his friend because he noticed that he was becoming close to his ex-wife”


Veteran Nollywood actor Ugezu Jideofor has revealed on social media how an unnamed guy killed his colleague after noticing that he was growing too attached to his ex-wife. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Ugezu Jideofor Ugezu who made such disclosure through his official Instagram account, stated that a yet-to-be identified man who got bursted for poisoning his friend confessed that he ended his friend’s life because he noticed that he was becoming close to his ex-wife, adding that his ex-wife narrated that the murdered man was only being nice to her and nothing more.

The filmmaker then asked netizens if it is right for a man to murder his fellow man because he got attached to his ex-wife, even if something was going on between them.

Ugezu Jideofor Ugezu finally stated that such issue calls for serious concern.

Here is Ugezu Jideofor’s post below;



Recall that Ugezu Jideofor Ugezu had few days ago, taken to his official Instagram account to state that many will be shocked that most of the activists in Nigeria are after their pockets.

According to Ugezu Jideofor Ugezu, such activists fight the government with everything that they have, but their zeal die the moment they are brought close to the corridor of power.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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