Jibrin stated. “I Was About To Go To The Mosque When I Saw A Boy Running Engulfed In Fire Shouting For Help”

Jibrin stated. "I Was About To Go To The Mosque When I Saw A Boy Running Engulfed In Fire Shouting For Help"Ibrahim Jibrin, a resident of Kano’s Larabar-Albasawa village, related the horrifying incident in which 38-year-old Shafiu Abubakar lit a mosque on fire at around 5:30 in the morning during the dawn prayer. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Jibrin saw a victim who was burning and cried out for help as he was making his way to the mosque, which made the violent incident that was taking place there more serious.

According to a report by the Daily Trust, Jibrin said, “I was about to go to the mosque when I saw a boy running engulfed in fire shouting for help, and that’s when we got aware of the situation.

We don’t know what is happening, but this is the third time he has attacked people here. He had once hit two of his elder brothers and took himself to the police station, claiming that he had killed them.”

(Picture of the burnt Mosque)

He mentioned that the tragedy stems from longstanding family discord. While some locals confirmed a dispute over inheritance distribution within the suspect’s family, the exact nature remains unclear.

Many family members, who could shed light on the matter, were injured in the fire and are now hospitalized. The suspect voluntarily surrendered to the police in Gezawa.

At Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital in Kofar Mata, where victims are being treated, a solemn atmosphere prevails as relatives anxiously await updates on their loved ones’ conditions. Salisu Isah, a caregiver and relative of one victim, expressed shock upon hearing about the incident.

This incident is a testament to the high level of lawlessness in our society.

“Now the government will not do anything about it. He will only be taken to the court after interrogation by security operatives and the matter will just die like that.”

In the aftermath, authorities have confirmed the loss of eight lives in the tragic event, with several others undergoing medical treatment.

A delegation led by AIG Umar Mamman Sanda, accompanied by the State Commissioner of Police and the Director of the DSS, visited the victims at Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital to assess the situation.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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