It’s Our Precious Children And Grandchildren In The Bush That Are Being Called Bandits -According to A. Abdullahi

It's Our Precious Children And Grandchildren In The Bush That Are Being Called Bandits -According to A. Abdullahi

Once again, distinguished educationalist and former Northern Elders Forum spokesperson Professor Ango Abdullahi has offered his sharp insights on the status of Nigerian governance. Professor Abdullahi was vice chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria. In a recent article published in The Sun, it was stated that Professor Abdullahi expressed concerns regarding the current dysfunctional system of government, attributing it to the younger generation’s growing reliance on violence and banditry as a last resort for survival. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In the interview, Professor Abdullahi underscored the dire consequences of the failed governance system, pointing to the alarming trend of young individuals resorting to arms and banditry as a response to the perceived lack of opportunities and prospects for a better life. Abdullahi further highlighted the recent tragedy in Plateau, emphasizing that such incidents are not isolated events but symptoms of deeper systemic issues that have persisted over the years. He called for a critical reevaluation of the country’s leadership and governance structures, stressing the need for the present administration to revisit its strategies and policies to address the root causes of these longstanding challenges.

In his own words as seen in The Sun…

“Very sad indeed. Again an indication of failure of government and failure of leadership. In countries with good systems and good leaders, you don’t find this. So this is another sad chapter in the history of Nigeria. You have military dropping bombs on civilians in a ceremony. Not just once, when people were rescuing the victims, another bomb was unleashed on them. How can you explain this? Accidental means the system is not working. In a system that is working, the intelligence will be extremely accurate as to who are on ground and what they are doing before you take that final decision.”

“The decision process in this case, without prejudice to the inquiry they say they are going to do, somebody must have given instruction for somebody to pull the trigger based on what information, either a failed intelligence in the system, which is the most likely scenario in this case. And in the case of the recent killings in three local governments in Plateau State, this is not new. This is the recurring story every day in various parts of the country where people are being killed, whether on religious or ethnicity. It is there every day. The questions still remains, you have a system that is not working for Nigerians. As long as the system is not working for Nigeria, Nigeria will continue to produce criminality in the form that we are seeing on ground today. It is our precious children and our grandchildren that are in the bush and are being called bandits. They are the same children and so on that are Boko Haram, they are the same children and so on that are IPOB and so on and so forth. So system failure and that is why I believe and hope that President Tinubu will agree and take Nigeria to the drawing board to look at itself once again.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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