It’s Not Just To Say That Tinubu’s Speech Is Empty, Give Facts To Support That Claim – According to Daniel Bwala To PDP

It's Not Just To Say That Tinubu's Speech Is Empty, Give Facts To Support That Claim - According to Daniel Bwala To PDP

Daniel Bwala, a legal expert and PDP member, stressed in a recent interview on Channels Television that the party must strengthen its media presence in order to effectively carry out its role as the opposition, closely examining the policies of the ruling party. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Bwala expressed his opinion about how crucial it is for the PDP to communicate its positions on different government policies in a more assertive and calculated manner. He emphasized that the party needed to go beyond just objecting for the sake of objectivity and pushed them to offer specific, fact-based justifications for their disagreement.

In his own words as seen on Channels television tonight…

“The national working committee has been quiet and sleeping and they are not playing the role of an active opposition party. Unless once in a while, on Christmas time when the president gives a speech, they will issue a statement against him. When on New year’s Day he issues a speech, they will also issue a statement against him but in the ordinary days when there are policy issues from the governing party of which the opposition party ought to interrogate, they don’t do that. When I mean interrogate, it’s not just to say that Tinubu’s speech is empty, give facts to support that claim. If it’s an economic policy that he has dished out which you disagree with, differentiate that policy with the policy that PDP stands on. If you are criticising the budget, tell the people what PDP would’ve done, not just that you disagree.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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