it shows the attack on plateau took proper planning, If somebody got this kind of information -Adams

it shows the attack on plateau took proper planning, If somebody got this kind of information -Adams

After the Plateau incident, Senator Adams Oshiomhole expressed his dissatisfaction and irritation with the security agencies, querying why the public was more informed about the attack than the paid security men. He chastised Plateau State for its tardy response, pointing out that the regrettable tragedy might have been avoided had the security authorities taken the initiative. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In a video shared by News Central TV, Adams Oshiomhole emphasized that the Chief of Army Staff, Chief of Defense, and leaders of security agencies must clarify to the Nigerian public why they shouldn’t be accountable for the Plateau State killings. He underscored that these agencies should recognize public discontent for their perceived failure in fulfilling their responsibilities.

According to him, “We summon the Chief of Army Staff, the Chief of Defense, and the Chief of Air Force and IGP to tell us why we should not hold them responsible for these killings. If somebody spent three days in Plateau and he got the kind of information that one of the senators shared with us, it shows that the attack on Plateau took proper planning, and you can’t carry out that level of planning in secret that it won’t leak.

If civilians were aware, how come those who were paid to secure it are not aware? We need to let them know that we are in pain and that we are angry with them for failing in their duties.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>


  1. Hon.SenatorOshomole is very correct and frank . The Senate and the President should be responsible enough to bring to book the killers, their sponsors and those who aided the killings. Every killer must give account, no rest, search for them until they get arrested and tried.

  2. The whole episode,one addition too many.It’s unacceptable by any reality.How long will this massacre and slaughtering of unarmed,innocent ethnic tribal nationalities be tolerated.Deeply sad.One point is obvious Nigerian government careless for her citizens.Let the citizens arm themselves,government said NO unequivocally,at same time allowing the killers carrying arms openly with no challenge.SOMETHING NOT RIGHT IN IT.SOMETHING DEFINITELY WRONG.MAY ALMIGHTY GOD SAVE NIGERIA IJN.

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