It is Fubara he wants to remove today; keep quiet about it, and it will be your turn tomorrow-According to Ikenga

It is Fubara he wants to remove today; keep quiet about it, and it will be your turn tomorrow-According to Ikenga

Acting National Chairman Umar Damagun has come under fire from House of Representatives member Hon. Ikenga Ugochinyere for allegedly carrying out a plot to dismantle the party.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

According to Vanguard, Ugochinyere made these claims at a press conference on Thursday at the National Assembly Complex, claiming that Damagun’s actions are endangering the PDP’s chances in the 2027 elections.

Ugochinyere called on PDP governors, lawmakers, and other leaders to speak out and act against what he described as attempts by Damagun to undermine the party from within. He urged these leaders to save the PDP from what he termed as agents of the All Progressives Congress (APC) infiltrating the party.

Central to Ugochinyere’s accusations is the claim that Damagun has violated an agreement from the last National Executive Council (NEC) meeting. According to Ugochinyere, this agreement stipulated that Damagun would remain in office until August, when a new chairman would be elected. However, Damagun allegedly obtained a court injunction to prevent his removal, thus defying the NEC’s consensus.

Furthermore, Ugochinyere criticized Damagun’s leadership for filing a lawsuit to oppose the declaration of seats vacant for 27 lawmakers from Rivers State who defected to the APC. This action contrasts with a previous PDP lawsuit seeking to have those seats declared vacant. The PDP lawmaker pointed out that the party’s legal adviser initially denied filing the suit, but evidence indicated that it was filed by Dr. Joshua Musa, a lawyer with alleged pro-APC interests.

“The PDP is now approbating and reprobating at the same time. So, what happened? When was this new alliance forged? When did the PDP start defending the defected lawmakers?” Ugochinyere questioned.

He suggested that these actions are part of a broader strategy to undermine the PDP and align with the APC.

Ugochinyere also highlighted a series of peculiar legal maneuvers. He alleged that Damagun’s faction sought an ex-parte order to keep him in office, using APC members disguised as PDP members. Additionally, he mentioned a court action, unopposed by Damagun’s leadership, that allowed a caretaker list filled with APC members to be inaugurated within the PDP.

“Damagun has dragged the PDP to court and obtained an order restraining the PDP from removing him from office. This was after the NEC of the party had fixed August for Damagun to democratically leave office,” Ugochinyere stated.

The lawmaker issued a stark warning to the PDP’s governing bodies, including the NEC and the Board of Trustees, urging them to reassess Damagun’s leadership. He accused Damagun of openly demonstrating loyalty to the APC and called for immediate action to prevent further damage to the party.

“PDP governors, it is Fubara he wants to remove today; keep quiet about it, and it will definitely be your turn tomorrow,” Ugochinyere stated.

He implored all PDP members to stand up and protect the party from being sabotaged from within, warning that silence could lead to the party’s downfall.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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  1. A divided house falls. Internal division will weaken any party from winning the next election. Resolve issues now.

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