Israel is warned by the IRGC, which also threatens retaliation for attacks on nuclear sites.

Israel is warned by the IRGC, which also threatens retaliation for attacks on nuclear sites.The commander-in-chief of an IRGC division has sent a strong warning to Israel, admonishing against any attempt to target Iranian nuclear installations, in an audacious and aggressive speech. Brigadier General Ahmad Haghtalab, who is in charge of protecting Iran’s nuclear plants, is quoted by Al Jazeera as saying bluntly that Tehran is prepared to use force if an attack occurs. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Speaking to the semiofficial Tasnim news website, Haghtalab emphasized the comprehensive surveillance and preparedness of Iranian forces, asserting that Israel’s nuclear sites have been meticulously identified and closely monitored. He declared, “Our fingers are on the trigger of firing strong missiles to destroy the designated targets in response to a potential attack by them.”

The chilling declaration comes amidst escalating tensions between Iran and Israel, punctuated by a series of covert operations and sabotage incidents targeting Iranian nuclear facilities. These attacks, widely attributed to Israel, have exacerbated longstanding animosities and raised fears of a broader conflict in the volatile region.

The creation of the IRGC Nuclear Command in March 2022 signaled Iran’s heightened concerns regarding the security of its nuclear infrastructure. The establishment of this specialized division underscored Tehran’s determination to fortify its defenses and deter potential adversaries from contemplating preemptive strikes.

In a veiled threat, Haghtalab hinted at the possibility of Tehran reassessing its longstanding policy of refraining from pursuing nuclear weapons in response to external provocations. He warned, “If the fake Zionist regime wants to use the threat of attacking the nuclear centers of our country as a tool, reconsidering the doctrine and policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and deviating from previously stated considerations would be likely and imaginable.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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