Israel-Hamas Conflict: A video showing three Israeli hostages in Gaza has been released by Hamas

Israel-Hamas Conflict: A video showing three Israeli hostages in Gaza has been released by Hamas

Sahara Reporters reports that Hamas has unveiled a movie featuring Noa Argamani (age 26), Yossi Sharabi (age 53), and Itai Svirsky (age 38)—three Israeli hostages detained in Gaza. On Sunday, the militant group released the undated 37-second video, commemorating the 100th day of the continuing war between Israel and the Islamic group in Palestine. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Hamas called on the Israeli government to halt its offensive against the group, linking the release of the hostages to this demand. The fate of the captives is expected to be disclosed on Monday, according to Reuters. The video concluded with the ominous chyron: “Tomorrow we will inform you of their fate.”

Expressing concern over lost contact with some hostages during Israeli shelling in Gaza, Hamas suggested that these individuals might have been killed. The group had previously threatened to execute hostages in retaliation for Israeli military strikes.

Israeli officials, while generally refraining from responding to Hamas’ public messaging on the hostages, have labeled it as psychological warfare. Forensic official Hagar Mizrahi disputed Hamas’ account, stating that autopsies revealed causes of death inconsistent with the group’s claims of casualties in airstrikes.

Israeli armed forces spokesperson Rear-Admiral Daniel Hagari emphasized the precision of the military operation, acknowledging the risks to hostages and asserting that precautions are being taken.

Of the 240 people seized by Hamas on October 7 in a cross-border killing spree that triggered the war, approximately half were released in a November truce. Israel reported that 132 hostages remain in Gaza, with 25 having died in captivity.

The hostage crisis has deeply affected Israelis, prompting some relatives to call for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to pursue a truce or end the war. Netanyahu, however, remains steadfast in his commitment to continue the offensive until Hamas is dismantled, asserting that this would facilitate the release of the hostages.

In a plea, Noa Argamani’s mother, Liora, who is Chinese, appealed for her daughter’s release before her terminal illness takes its toll. Netanyahu had previously sought Beijing’s assistance in securing Noa Argamani’s freedom. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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