Israel Claims that Hamas Has Built a Missile Factory Under Gaza City With Iran Guidance,

According to the Israeli military, in a daring assault, Israeli troops discovered a covert weapons complex in Gaza City, where Hamas was working with Iran to manufacture long-range guided missiles. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

As to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), soldiers and special forces from the Nahal Brigade broke into a Hamas site between the Daraj and Tuffah districts, where they found a tunnel shaft that led to an underground complex.

The IDF said the soldiers found “components proving terrorists of the Hamas terror organization learned under Iranian guidance how to operate and build precision components and strategic weapons.”

According to AFP, The IDF also shared images of what it claimed were the rocket engine and warhead of a cruise missile developed by Hamas, a capability that until now the terror group was not believed to possess.

Hamas is known to have anti-tank guided missiles and small explosive drones, which it used at short range during the recent conflict with Israel, as well as makeshift explosive-laden autonomous submarines, or underwater drones. However, long-range guided missiles would pose a new threat to Israel and the region.

The terror group also has shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles, which are not effective against Israeli aircraft.

It is unclear if Hamas ever deployed its guided missiles, or was only in the development stage. The IDF said it destroyed the weapons plant and the tunnel, and seized the missile components.

The IDF said the raid was part of its ongoing operation to expose and neutralize Hamas’ military infrastructure in Gaza, following the 11-day war that ended with a ceasefire on May 21.

The operation, dubbed “Guardian of the Walls”, saw more than 4,000 rockets fired by Hamas and other militant groups from Gaza into Israel, and hundreds of airstrikes by Israel targeting Hamas’ leaders, operatives, and assets in the coastal enclave.

The war killed more than 22,000 people in Gaza, mostly civilians, and 13 people in Israel, including two children and a soldier. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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