Israel Can Not Dare Torch Hezbollah, They Are Getting Sophisticated Weapons from Iran —According to Gumi

Israel Can Not Dare Torch Hezbollah, They Are Getting Sophisticated Weapons from Iran —According to Gumi

In an exclusive interview with Salinga TV, renowned Islamic scholar Shaikh Ahmad Gumi discussed his recent trip to Iran and emphasized the need for Muslim unity in the face of the current Israel-Palestine conflict. Gumi explained that his visit was not limited by any one sect, but rather as a Muslim who came with over a hundred other guests from other nations. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

During the interview, Gumi emphasized the contradiction he observed. He described Iran, often labeled as a non-Muslim state by some, as actively supporting the people of Gaza, the majority of whom adhere to the Sunni sect. According to Gumi, Iran’s assistance extends beyond vocal support, encompassing the provision of sophisticated weaponry.

In his words, he said;” We found the Iran we call non-Muslim, innovators in Islam and whatever we are calling them with, are helping Gazza which majority of the people are following Sunni sect. Helping them not with only voice but rather with sophisticated armories”

In contrast, Gumi expressed concern over the alignment of certain groups, ostensibly considered righteous, with the interests of Western powers such as America and England. He pointed out recent incidents, including the death of three American soldiers in Jordan, questioning the motives behind their presence in the region.

“But, the people we are backing, calling them saints, are completely together with America and England. Just yesterday, three American soldiers were killed in Ordon Country. What were they doing there? America is in Ordun, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar; they dominate all of them”.

“We are not strong because we refuse to unite ourselves but, if we unite ourselves as how Prophet Muhammad instructed us, there should be an inter-sect relationship”

“All those Gaza people that Iran is helping are in the Sunni sect not from Shiite. Hezbollah is from the Shiite sect, Israel can not dare torch Hezbollah, they are getting sophisticated weapons from Iran”

Gumi attributed the perceived weakness among Muslims to their failure to unite. Quoting the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, he stressed the need for inter-sect relationships, advocating for solidarity among Muslims. He contended that the strength of the Muslim community lies in unity and cooperation, echoing the prophetic guidance. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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