Israel bombs a UNRWA school in Gaza, leaving dozens dead and numerous injured.

Israel bombs a UNRWA school in Gaza, leaving dozens dead and numerous injured.At least 40 Palestinians have died as a result of Israeli bombings on a UN-affiliated school in the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza, including 9 women and 14 children, according to Al Jazeera English. The incident, which happened early on Thursday morning, was directed towards the al-Sardi school, a sanctuary for thousands of displaced Palestinians.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

More than 70 more people have been injured in the strike, adding to the already serious humanitarian situation in Gaza, where hospitals are overburdened and unable to handle the influx of patients.

The Israeli military justified the bombing by claiming it targeted a Hamas compound located within the school, alleging it housed militants planning attacks against Israel. However, Hamas has condemned the attack as a “horrible massacre,” accusing Israel of fabricating justifications to mask its brutal assault on civilians.

The incident is part of a broader intensification of violence in Gaza, with ongoing airstrikes hitting other refugee camps and residential areas. Medical charity Doctors Without Borders described the situation as “apocalyptic,” highlighting the severe strain on healthcare facilities due to the high number of casualties and the blockade limiting humanitarian aid.

International pressure for a ceasefire has been mounting, with ongoing diplomatic efforts led by the United States to negotiate a truce. However, Israeli authorities have so far rejected calls for a permanent ceasefire, insisting on continuing their military operations.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>