Insecurity: Who Are The People Funding Those Guys? Who Are The People Giving Them Money? -According to Gen. Christopher Musa

The Bokkos Area Is More Than The Size Of Some Countries, We Don't Have The Men To Cover It -According to Gen Musa

The Chief of Defense Staff, General Christopher Musa, voiced concerns in a recent interview with Daily Trust TV over the help that terrorists and bandits are receiving. He posed concerns on the sources of finance and logistical support that these organizations get. General Christopher disclosed that certain people—locals included—conduct business with these felons. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Furthermore, he emphasized that people advise the bandits about military movements whenever military troops pass through a region. Details are given, including the quantity of men and vehicles involved.

According to General Christopher, “There are criminals joined together in this fight. Good people must join together to fight evil. The mistake we are making is that it’s only the military that should do it. Let me tell you a shocking thing, who are the people funding those guys? Who are the people giving them money? Who are the people giving them the logistics to work? People are trading with them. When the troops pass an area, the locals will call the bandits and tell them the troops just passed.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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