In Almost All The Cases We Investigated, The Ransoms Paid To Bandits Are Through Our Banks -According to Kabir Adamu

In Almost All The Cases We Investigated, The Ransoms Paid To Bandits Are Through Our Banks -According to Kabir Adamu

Kabir Adamu, a security analyst, has revealed the shocking finding that nearly all cases under investigation include ransom payments made to bandits, with the money being made possible by Nigerian banks. He pointed out that rather than using actual currency, electronic transfers account for a substantial percentage of transactions. He claimed that the robbers’ brazenness is apparent because they divulge account numbers for these transactions in public. He said he was willing to work with security authorities if they were interested in looking into the problem, but he would not name the banks involved. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He also underscored the importance of financial regulators in enforcing robust Know Your Customer [KYC] practices within banks. He suggested that a diligent implementation of KYC could expedite the identification and apprehension of account holders involved in such transactions.

He said in an interview with TVC, ”I will shock you today to tell you that, in almost all the cases we investigated, the ransoms paid to Bandits are through our Banks. I say this with all sense of responsibility. In almost all, it’s very few that cash is collected and taken to these guys. They are so brazen and bold that they provide account numbers. And two banks are guilty, I’m not going to mention the names of the banks. But of course, if the security agencies are interested, I will be happy and willing to provide it to them. And that is if they don’t already know. That means when our financial regulators have a responsibility to play to ensure that banks play the KYC [Know Your Customer] element very well. If they pay the KYC very well, it will be very easy to descend on those account numbers. And arrest whoever is the holder of that account. But as at today, that has not been done.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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