I’m surprised They’re celebrating, given the hardship they have caused Nigerians – According to Usman Yusuf

I'm surprised They're celebrating, given the hardship they have caused Nigerians - According to Usman YusufFormer National Health Insurance Scheme Secretary Professor Usman Yusuf expressed shock at the government’s celebration in light of the severe sufferings they had inflicted on Nigerians in the last year. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He pointed out the continued hardships and instability that many citizens experience and chastised the celebrations for being insensitive. Professor Yusuf underlined that instead of participating in festivities that appear disconnected from the reality on the ground, the government must confront these problems head-on and seek to end the great suffering.

Usman questioned what there was to celebrate, given the severe challenges and insecurity faced by many citizens. He noted that despite official statements from security managers touting improvements, the reality on the ground tells a different story. Many areas, particularly in the North, continue to suffer under the control of terrorists. Rural areas are besieged, with villages under constant threat and women being assaulted.

This disparity between official claims and the lived experiences of Nigerians highlights a troubling insensitivity. Usman pointed out that traders, driven to desperation, had even attacked soldiers in Abuja, escalating tensions. In response, armed soldiers invaded markets, furthering the cycle of violence and fear.

Contrary to the propaganda, Usman emphasized that national security has not improved significantly, especially in the Northwest and North Central regions. Large swathes of rural land remain under the influence of terrorists, making daily life perilous for residents. Villages are still attacked, and the sense of safety remains elusive.

Usman’s remarks underscore the need for the government to address these pressing security issues genuinely and sensitively, rather than indulging in celebrations that feel disconnected from the reality faced by ordinary Nigerians. The government’s focus should shift towards resolving the security crises and alleviating the widespread suffering, ensuring that future celebrations are genuinely warranted. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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