I’m Not A Man That You Can Convince Just Because Of A Porridge Of Yam No; It’s Not Possible- According to Wike

I'm Not A Man That You Can Convince Just Because Of A Porridge Of Yam No; It's Not Possible- According to Wike

The Minister of FCT, Nyesom Wike, recently spoke to a congregation and highlighted his independence and steadfast commitment to avoiding pointless temptations. Wike explained his stance in a video released by Channels Television by comparing it to a “porridge of yam” and emphasizing his resolve to stick with it and not give in to short-lived temptations. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Wike also emphasized the prevalent use of political propaganda and highlighted the tendency of individuals to downplay crucial contributors in shaping the current political landscape, despite professing allegiance to specific regions or groups. Recalling a personal experience from the 2014/2015 period when he pursued the governorship, Wike recounted an encounter with two individuals purportedly representing the state’s elders. Much to his surprise, only two men attended the meeting, leading him to scrutinize the authenticity of the assembly.

According to him, “I’m not a man that you can convince just because of a porridge of yam; no, it’s not possible. Even when you carry all the propaganda, today I heard so many people say we’re for so-so place, but nobody remembered who was the architecture of now. You’re saying you’re from so-so place. Nobody wants to remember. In 2014/2015, when I wanted to be governor, I won’t mention their names. Two people invited me to their house and said that the elders of the state wants to see me.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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