‘If You Don’t Like My Face, Will I Die? Am I God? Go and Meet God, Who Gave Me the Face’ —According to Wike

In a video that Channels Television posted, Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, addressed the issue of people not liking his appearance. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He asserted his commitment to staying true to himself, stating that if someone dislikes his face, it is beyond his control as he did not create himself. Wike raised a rhetorical question, questioning whether disliking his face would result in his demise. He emphasized that he is not a deity and suggested those with grievances about his appearance should direct them towards the higher power responsible for giving him his face.

The Minister expressed appreciation for the well-maintained environment, commending the community for avoiding unrestrained construction. He also acknowledged the musical performers, whether local talents or brought in, highlighting the transformative power of music to inspire worship even when one might not be in the mood.

In his words, “What I’ll not do, I’ll not do. What I’ll do, I’ll do. If you don’t like my face, will I die? Am I God? Go and meet God, who gave me the face. So if you hate my face, then I know you hate God, and if you hate God, you’re in trouble. Thank you very much. Continue to keep this place clean. I like a clean environment. I like when a place is green. I thank God you did not build everywhere. Some people would have built on everything and then take the road to make as their car park. I’m so impressed, I won’t lie to you, and those your musicians; I don’t know whether they’re from here or you brought them in. You know Sometime, even if you’re not in the mood of worshipping, and these types of choristers come out, you must worship.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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