If We Withdraw Our Service From The National Grid, The Machine Will Not Turn Itself On -According to Chris Onyeka

Chris Onyeka:"If After Tomorrow We Have Not Seen Any Response From FG, We May Continue The Strike"According to Chris Onyeka, the assistant secretary of the NLC, if employees remove their services from the National Grid, the machines will not be able to operate on their own. According to him, employees who initiate a withdrawal of service automatically stop showing up to work. He made the point that the workers’ intentional and effective action of suspending operations to express their demands.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He said in an interview with Channels TV, ”It is important at this junction that I clarify the discussion about the shutting down of the National Grid. When workers embark on withdrawal of service, you don’t expect them to still go to work. A strike connotes withdrawal of service. If we withdraw our service from the National Grid, the machine will not turn itself on. The machines will stop operating and that is what happened. Workers have withdrawn their services and so things will not work as they were working before.”