“If Tinubu was not elected president, CBN Gov Wouldn’t be there–According to Ndume reactions on CBN units relocation

"If Tinubu was not elected president, CBN Gov Wouldn't be there–According to Ndume reactions on CBN units relocation

The Chief Whip of the Senate, Senator Ali Ndume, has reportedly cautioned President Bola Tinubu of possible political fallout if the CBN reverses its decision to move important departments from the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) to Lagos State. This information is reported by Daily Post. Borno South representative Ndume made this statement on Tuesday during a broadcast on Channels Television. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Last week, an internal memo revealed the CBN’s directive to move certain units to Lagos, aiming to alleviate congestion at the Abuja headquarters. This decision stirred controversy, especially among Northern Nigerians who opposed the move, alleging it as a plan to further underdevelop the North.

Sharing his perspective, Ndume criticized the decision, deeming it poorly considered. He expressed confidence that President Tinubu would reverse the directive but issued a warning, stating, “And if that does not happen, of course, this is democracy; we know what to do.”

Questioning the decision-making process, Ndume raised concerns about the omission of considering relocation to states like Nasarawa, Kogi, or Kaduna, which are in close proximity to the nation’s capital.

Emphasizing the need to avoid tribalism, Ndume clarified his identity as a Northerner and a Nigerian. He asserted that those misguiding the president on this matter are not acting in his best interest and warned that there would be political consequences resulting from the relocation decision.

He said: “If Tinubu was not elected president, the CBN governor would not be there. It was not Lagos votes that put Tinubu there.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>


  1. The North always think only their votes and population must determine electoral process in Nigeria, Sen. Ndume your comment is a threat to the South. Pls adjust.

  2. I am not amazed of the decision of the CBN to move some of its units to Lagos, because the body language and frequent references of Lagos prime state status by Mr President in many fora is a clear testimony to the policy decision of the Government.

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