‘If The People Of Bokkos Have Access To Arms, They Will Not Be Killed In Hundreds’ – According to Mike Ejiofor

'If The People Of Bokkos Have Access To Arms, They Will Not Be Killed In Hundreds' - According to Mike Ejiofor

Former Director of the DSS Mike Ejiofor disagrees with Chief of Army Staff Taoreed Lagbaja’s assertion that Nigerians are incapable of defending themselves against bandit or terrorist assaults. According to him, Nigeria is already in a state of anarchy, as seen by the difficulties citizens have going about their daily lives and getting around securely. He argued that having access to firearms for self-defense would enable residents of remote locations like Bokkos in Plateau State to stop the widespread murders they currently endure. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He challenged the concerns about abuse in the establishment of state police, pointing out that the existing Nigerian police force has faced instances of abuse. He called for the encouragement of self-defense and revisited the need for state police to address the country’s security challenges.

He said in an interview with Arise TV, ”Now you are talking of people in the Rural areas, the Bokkos for instance, how will they have that kind of arms. If the people of Bokkos have access to arms, they will not be killed in hundreds. I don’t agree with the Chief of Army Staff. We are already in a state of anarchy, we are already there. People can’t go about their normal duties and to travel now becomes a problem. I don’t think he should go beyond that. The government should encourage people to protect themselves. And that takes me to the issue of how do we solve our security challenges.

AWe are talking of the establishment of state police, virtually every state in Nigeria has its own police under the name of one Vigilante. Another argument people are putting up the state police will be abused, is the Nigerian police not being abused?” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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