If I Wanted To Monopolize Power Nobody Would’ve Stopped Me, Nobody Had What It Takes To Near Me–According to Wike

If I Wanted To Monopolize Power Nobody Would've Stopped Me, Nobody Had What It Takes To Near Me–According to Wike

Former Rivers State Governor and current Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister Nyesom Wike has stated that he personally saw to it that Siminalayi Fubara was appointed to the position of Rivers State Governor. Wike stressed that nobody could have stopped him if he had wanted an Ikwerre successor. After giving it some thought, he clarified that he chose inclusion over exclusivity in order to prevent the image of a power monopoly and to promote unity among the people of Rivers State. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Wike expressed his sentiments, stating that upon observing Fubara, he felt compelled to take action, preventing what he perceived as the undue sidelining of certain individuals. Despite his dominant position at the time, Wike chose not to favor any particular ethnic group, signaling a commitment to a more inclusive governance approach. He asserted that his decision was not influenced by external pressures, as he had the authority and influence to choose otherwise.

During a banquet in Port Harcourt, the FCT Minister reaffirmed his stance, emphasizing that nobody could challenge him during his tenure as Governor. Wike disclosed that some elders of the State had earnestly pleaded with him to allow someone from the Ijaw tribe to succeed him. Despite the appeal, Wike remained resolute in his decision to appoint Fubara as Governor, emphasizing his dedication to maintaining peace and unity within the State.

Hear him: “When I looked at him, I said how will I allow this old man to just die, I said look, whatever it is, let’s not create impression that people want to monopolize power, let’s allow everybody to be part of it; we belong to one Rivers State. If I wanted, nobody would have stopped me, nobody had what it takes to even near me; nobody. I said no, I will do what is right, and I did it and all of us agreed. And to God be the glory, I will not regret what I did, i will never regret what I did, because I want the unity of this State for us to forge ahead. And I said I will not do it; if I wanted an Ikwerre man, nobody will stop me.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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