If Arsenal wants to get back to winning ways, they should stop using these three players.

If Arsenal wants to get back to winning ways, they should stop using these three players.

After a string of lackluster performances in their previous round of games, the Arsenal football club will be looking to improve in their next games. In order for the team to perform better, the coach must bench certain players who aren’t living up to the club’s existing standards. If Arsenal wants to get back to winning ways, they need cut their reliance on these three individuals. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

1 – Leandro Trossard: The young playmaker has failed to make any positive impact in the team recently and he has seemingly been exposed by his lack of experience. He has not been able to create chances for the Gunners recently and he needs to be dropped to the bench in upcoming matches.

He had a very poor performance for the team during their defeat to West Ham football club, the Belgian lacks creativity and that really affected the team in their last match. The team would have had a better performance against West Ham if the coach had deployed a more creative player instead of Trossard.

Photo Credit: The Daily and Sunday Express.

2 – Alex Zinchenko: Another defensive lapse was witnessed from Zinchenko yesterday and this time it was so costly for Arsenal football club. His error with Gabriel near the back post was really unprofessional, but his carelessness while in possession of the ball was even worse.

The Ukrainian is in a very poor form at the moment and he needs to be dropped to the bench. His confidence level has really reduced drastically and the team might continue to struggle if they include him in the starting lineup for upcoming matches.

Photo Credit: The Sun.

3 – Gabriel Jesus: The primary duty of a striker is to score goals and any striker who is always struggling to convert his chances should not be a regular starter, especially for a club like Arsenal football club who are contending for the English premier league title.

Gabriel Jesus has been missing many chances for Arsenal football club and it is now obvious that the team needs to rely on another player for goals. He missed two open chances during the disappointing match against West Ham football club. He should be dropped to the bench ahead of upcoming matches. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>


  1. though i’m a die hard man u fan, but to be sincere i concrately in support of arsenal to grap this season’s epl cup other than city to collect it, that’s enough for them, are they only club in england? so arsenal have a lot work to do to execute their mission, may God help them

    • Mainly zinchenko he z not giving chance to Jesus to play like how jw z supposed to as G.Jesus,so if Arsenal benches zinchenko as Jesus plays can get back to top.Thank you

  2. Ahhh I am really shocked why no one commenting on Saka’s ontribution, review all games give me an honest opinion, all he does is giving the ball backwards of which any junior footballer can do.
    He doesn’t know how to drop shoulders, he doesn’t know how to shield the ball
    In 90 min he enters the box my be 3 times.
    You dont believe me review the tapes

  3. Really I’m in support of benching the 3 mentioned players for thir poor performance during west harm & Fulham matches especially

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