‘If Akeredolu Was Fine, He Would Have Transmitted A Letter To The State Assembly’ – According to Idowu Ajanaku

Aiyedatiwa Gave Akeredolu His Bullet Proof Car When He Was Pronounced As The Candidate In 2012-According toIdowu Ajanaku

Idowu Ajanaku, who served as the campaign organization’s former director of media and publicity in 2012, highlighted the late Governor Rotimi Akeredolu’s reputation as a tough, no-nonsense man who takes no lightly in admitting his mistakes and who had a zero-tolerance policy for lawlessness in his immediate vicinity. He added that if Akeredolu had been well, he would have sent letters to the Ondo State House of Assembly as per protocol, guaranteeing Aiyedatiwa’s appointment as acting governor in his stead. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He praised Governor Akeredolu’s amazing fortitude, pointing to his unwavering pursuit of goals, most notably his victorious 2016 campaign for the governorship of Ondo State. He pointed out that Akeredolu’s strong devotion to his constituents became apparent, highlighting his commitment, focus,

He said in an interview with Arise TV, ”One thing about Akeredolu is the tenacity to get whatever he believes he wants to get. In 2016, he went headlong and became the governor of Ondo State. One thing you cannot take away from him is that Akeredolu was deeply committed to his people. He’s focused and he’s an honest man, he’s a brutal man to the core. He will tell you things as it is when you make any mistake. Akeredolu does not tolerate any kind of lawlessness around himself. If Akeredolu was fine, he would have transmitted a letter to the state assembly for Aiyedatiwa to act on his behalf. Of all the governors in Nigeria, Akeredolu has transmitted letters four times to the Ondo State House of Assembly anytime he’s traveling out.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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