Idah “We Have Gotten Some Reports Of People Sending Messages To The Goalkeeper, Threatening Him”

Idah “We Have Gotten Some Reports Of People Sending Messages To The Goalkeeper, Threatening Him"

Stanley Nwabali, the goalkeeper for the Super Eagles, is allegedly receiving threats from South Africans telling him not to travel back to his club, Chippa United, in that nation. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

The threats are thought to be related to Nigeria’s 2023 African Cup of Nations (AFCON) semifinal victory against South Africa, according to Daily Trust.

Former Super Eagles star, Idah Peterside, expressed his concern during an interview on Channels TV, stating, “We have gotten some reports of people sending messages to the goalkeeper, threatening him. I hear some saying ‘Don’t come back to South Africa since you didn’t want us to score when your team was playing. Stay back’.”

Despite Nwabali’s remarkable performance in the penalty shootout, where he saved two crucial penalties, the victory seems to have sparked animosity among some South Africans. The threats, while not violent, have raised alarms within the football community.

The Nigeria High Commission in Pretoria had earlier issued a warning to Nigerians in South Africa, urging them to exercise caution in their celebrations following the AFCON clash. The advisory highlighted potential inflammatory online comments made by some South African citizens, including veiled threats against Nigerians.

In response to the threats, the High Commission advised the Nigerian community to be vigilant about their utterances, choose safe locations to watch matches, and refrain from engaging in provocative celebrations. The commission emphasized the importance of maintaining good conduct and urged Nigerians to report any provocations to the appropriate authorities. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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  1. Honestly, if due processes were not followed in the awards,the minister in charge should be relieved of his duties, the contracts revoked and the correct due processes followed irrespective of whose oxes are gored.

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