Ibadan Blast: ‘Some Residents Were Aware Of The Stockpiling Of Explosives In The Area’ – According to Arise TV Correspondent

Ibadan Blast: The Street Has About 20 Buildings But Nothing Is Left, It Has Turned Into Rubble - According to Olutayo Famous Cole

According to Arise TV Correspondent Olutayo Famous Cole, additional inquiry into the explosion in the Bodija neighborhood of Ibadan has shown that several locals were aware that explosives were stored nearby. He claimed that the ensuing destruction was characterized as significant, leading locals to evaluate the magnitude of the havoc that had developed over night. He drew attention to the incompleteness of the information on the victims of a terrible event. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He asserted that the exact number of lives lost remains undisclosed, it was confirmed by on-site responders that additional bodies were recovered from the wreckage. He noted that there is the challenge of obtaining specific figures due to ongoing efforts to document the total loss of life.

He said in an interview with Arise TV, ”There had been a loud silence about the actual number of people that have lost their lives in this tragic incident. But we can confirm that from the fire respondents that are here on the ground that more bodies were recovered from this rubble. But we cannot actually get the specific figures because they are keeping note about the total number of people their lives here.

But what we discovered is that, some residents were aware of the stockpiling of explosives in the area. And you can see that the level of devastation is enormous, residents have come to see how far this destruction went during the course of the night. It’s a tale of sorrow, anguish, and of course regret. The lesson that the state government wants residents to learn is that if you see something, you just have to say something.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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