“I Wouldn’t Say It’s Right, I Like To Chase Men Away From Me By Making Financial Demand-According to Peju Johnson

"I Wouldn't Say It's Right, I Like To Chase Men Away From Me By Making Financial Demand-According to Peju Johnson

Actress and producer Peju Johnson reportedly discussed her thoughts on women who demand excessive amounts of money from men who are interested in dating them with Punch. Johnson acknowledged that she disapproved of these tactics in an interview with Saturday Beats, but she also acknowledged that she had used money demands to turn down admirers who kept coming back.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

she said, “I wouldn’t say it’s right (to make financial demands from men). But, I like to chase men away (from me) by making financial demands. For example, after telling some men that one is not interested in a relationship with them, they would still keep sending one lots of messages daily, professing how they love and care for one, even when most of what they are saying are lies. Many of them, especially married men, just want to sleep with one.”

Johnson recounted instances where men continued to pursue her despite her disinterest, often bombarding her with messages professing love and care, even when insincere. She noted that many of these men, particularly married individuals, had ulterior motives, leading her to resort to financial demands as a means of deterring them. Instead of blocking them outright, she found that making financial requests effectively discouraged further advances.

Regarding her acting career, Johnson reflected on her most challenging role in the movie “Payback,” which she also produced. Portraying a tout presented a significant acting challenge, but with the guidance of the director, she successfully tackled the role.

When asked about her biggest sacrifice for love, Johnson recounted a past relationship where her partner demanded she quit acting due to jealousy. Despite reluctantly giving up her career, her partner eventually betrayed her trust by cheating and impregnating someone else.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>