I Was Not Brought Up In Fulani Culture, I Didn’t Know My Father And My Mother Was 100% Hausa- According to Buhari

I Was Not Brought Up In Fulani Culture, I Didn't Know My Father And My Mother Was 100% Hausa- According to Buhari

The former president Muhammadu Buhari said that although being of Fulani descent, he was not brought up in the Fulani culture and that he was unaware of his father’s identity. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

The former president said that his mother was Hausa and that she reared him during a book launch in Abuja.

In the contribution of the book which was authored by his former special adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, Buhari said that he does not know what Fulanization is.

The former president was saying this while reacting to the claims that his policies were aimed at the Fulanization of Nigeria.

According to the report by The Nation, Buhari said that it is unfair for people to talk about Fulanization, and that although people can think of whatever they want to think, he hopes that they would be fair in their judgements.

He said, “I do not know what it (Fulanization) means. I was not brought up under Fulani culture, though I look like one. I did not know my father, but he was 100% Fulani, and my mother was 100% Hausa, she brought me up. It is very unfair to talk about any Fulanization.

“I cannot interfere with a clear conscience. People can make up their minds based on what their reasons are. I hope they will be fair.”

Buhari said that the problem with Nigeria is not religion or ethnicity, but that the problem is the people. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>


  1. Action speaks louder than any narrative. His appointees in almost all topnotch positions in Nigeria were not just from his alleged favored ethnic group but clearer than the crystal that his being born by an Hausa mother is a mere nomenclature and was of no relevance in my sincere opinion .

    President Bola Tinubu lis demonstrating beyond all doubts that Nigeria belongs to all of us , that we must imbibe patriotic sense of belonging and that every ethnic Nationality in our dear Country is blessed with eminently qualified people to hold iconic positions be it in the Military , Paramilitary and in his Federal Cabinet.

    Former President Muhammadu Buhari now that he is out of office should not only retrospect but go through the list of his appointees , and since he talks of his conscience and probably godliness and see if his actions weren’t allegedly nepotistic.

    No question about it that he has done his best and therefore deserves a peaceful and joyful retirement .
    I wish him excellent health and happy long life .

  2. We are part of this kind of story our fore father’s did not know their families too again as Fulani but now filanis in ekiti happened over decades ago nobody knows their designated state,homes and country but former president identified theirs so thank you baba

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