I Swear On My Mother’s Grave, I’ll Stop Doing It. There’s No Life In Hookup, According to Lady

According to a Punch report, an unnamed woman said that her health issue was the reason she turned to prostitution. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

This woman claims that if she is successful in raising money for her surgery, she will quit working as a hookup. She asserted that she is not content with her prostitution lifestyle.

According to what the lady said, “I started in November 2023. I have made money, but I have this health issue. This is the major thing that brought me to the street. To get money and pull it out. I know that God will surely help me. The money I have saved is in my sister’s account. I have around N150,000 now. I swear on my mom’s grave that I will stop doing it. There is no life in a hookup. Because I am doing it doesn’t mean that’s what I wish to do.”

The person who interviewed the lady said they have been able to raise N36,000 for her. In the person’s words, “We’ve raised only 36k. Guys, please, your help will go a long way. I’ve been trying to reach her since morning to drop her account, but her number is not connecting, so someone suggested I drop mine to ensure she had the surgery. So, I did that this evening, though it’s late, but God can do something.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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