‘I Saw On A Platform Where Some People Said Yoruba Land Has Been Invaded By Terrorists’ -According to Gov Makinde

'I Saw On A Platform Where Some People Said Yoruba Land Has Been Invaded By Terrorists' -According to Gov Makinde

Engineer Seyi Makinde, the governor of Oyo State, has advised prudence when sharing information on the explosion in Bodija, Ibadan. He stressed the negative effects of disseminating false information and fake news, which may cause panic in the general public. He brought attention to instances of misleading information going around, including as reports of terrorist attacks in Yoruba territory. He made it clear that the people behind these acts might not even be in Nigeria. He voiced doubts about the veracity of the information and related a ludicrous story about someone claiming to have paid for the medical care of explosion victims. He bemoaned the general mistrust of leaders and called attention to the decline in public trust in the government, highlighting the necessity of responsible communication to CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He said in a press conference reported by TVC, ”Let us refrain from spreading fake news and misinformation that could potentially cause panic within the populace. There are some misinformation going on right now. I saw on a platform where some people said Yoruba land has been invaded by terrorists. And these are people who may not even be anywhere near Nigeria. Talk less of Oyo State. Let us be mindful of what we say, I read funnily on a platform where somebody said they were being asked to pay to receive medical treatment. Who should people believe? Should they believe the random people or myself the governor and Chief Security officer of the state? That is how we have sunk as a country. We have a situation where people doubt their leaders. There is the trust deficit between the government and the people.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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