I Know The Country Is Going Through A Lot, My Private Soldier Collects Less Than N50K A Month– According to Musa

When The Troops Pass An Area, Locals Will Call The Bandits & Tell Them The Troops Just Passed -According to General Christopher Musa

In an interview with Daily Trust TV, Nigeria’s Chief of Defense Staff, General Christopher Musa, discussed the welfare problems of soldiers. He brought attention to the financial difficulties that soldiers encounter and discussed the ration cash allowance (RCA), a daily stipend given to soldiers who are conducting missions. General Musa disclosed that the RCA had increased significantly, going from 200 to 1200 naira. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Despite acknowledging the increment in the ration cash allowance, General Musa expressed the view that the troops, who tirelessly stand guard 24 hours a day for the security of others, deserve more. He emphasized the demanding nature of their responsibilities and suggested that their dedication merits a higher level of financial support. The Chief of Defense Staff drew attention to the income disparity among soldiers, specifically mentioning that private soldiers earn less than 50 thousand naira monthly.

In General Musa’s perspective, the increase in the ration cash allowance was a positive step, but he stressed the challenges faced by the country. He recognized that the troops play a crucial role in maintaining security, highlighting the sacrifices they make for the well-being of others. Despite the financial constraints, General Musa advocated for additional support for the soldiers, emphasizing the need to adequately recognize their commitment and service.

He said, “Some years back our ration cash allowance was 200 naira, it was raised to 500 naira, now it is 1200 naira. And I am sure if I asked you to use 1000 naira to feed yourself for a day you know how much that money is. I know the country is going through so much but I think the troops deserve more, somebody who is standing 24 hours to make sure that other people can sleep. My private soldier collects less than 50 thousand naira a month”. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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  1. If the soldiers welfare is not well taken care of, please MY people let’s tell our selves the truth, how will the country not face security challenges. Now compare what politicians are earning to what our gallant soldiers that sacrifice there lives for the peace of our country are earning.

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