‘I have seen on S’media where people said Atiku felt bad about my visit to Tinubu” – According to Daniel Bwala

Former PDP presidential campaign council spokesperson Daniel Bwala discussed Atiku Abubakar’s response to his meeting with President Tinubu at the Villa CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Bwala claimed in an interview with TVC that he saw claims on social media that Atiku was not happy with the meeting. He claimed that he had told Atiku about the visit both before and after the meeting with President Tinubu, and Atiku had thanked him for the notification. He stressed that the outside conjecture is not really important unless Atiku directly shares any worries or responses with him.

In Bwala’s words: “I have seen on social media where people said [Atiku] felt bad about my visit to Tinubu. What I can tell the Nigerian people is that I notified him before going and shortly after I left the Villa. After I met President Tinubu, I notified Atiku that I honored the president’s invitation and I had seen the president and his reply was ‘Thanks Daniel for notifying me’. So as far as I am concerned this is my belief. Anything else anybody is saying, since he did not communicate it directly to me it doesn’t matter. At this time I think is about Nigeria not about an individual”. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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