I Have Not Seen A Soldier Holding A New AK-47 But You See Bandits Branding Out New AK-49 -According to Sen Ndume

I Have Not Seen A Soldier Holding A New AK-47 But You See Bandits Branding Out New AK-49 -According to Sen Ndume

Senator Ali Ndume, a federal lawmaker from the Borno South Senatorial District, has claimed that the Nigerian army is operating in 35 states throughout the federation without enough weapons. He contended that the army is confronted with insurmountable obstacles, citing the disparity between armed robbers brand-new AK-49 guns and soldiers without access to fresh AK-47s. Although he acknowledged the efforts made by the security services, he emphasized that their efforts would be restricted in the absence of three crucial elements: appropriate equipment, motivation, and training. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Criticizing the allocation of only 12% in the 2024 budget for security when the remaining 88% might not be fully utilized, he questioned the effectiveness of constructing roads without securing the areas first, as kidnappings along the roads hinder people from utilizing these vital infrastructures.

He said in an interview with Channels TV, ”The main problem is that Bandits are everywhere terrorizing people, killing people. The Nigerian army is even being killed and they are being overwhelmed operating in 35 states with no guns. Up till now, I have not seen a soldier holding a new AK-47 but you see bandits branding out new AK-49.

The Security agencies are not performing but they are doing their best and their best cannot go anywhere if they don’t have the equipment, training, and the motivation. And when you are talking about giving them 12% in the 2024 budget when the other 88% of it cannot be useful. You construct roads and people cannot ply the roads because kidnappers would pick them up on the road. Why don’t you secure the place first.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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