I Dated A Married Man And I Couldn’t Leave Him Because I Was Enjoying The Relationship–According to Kiitan Bukola

I Dated A Married Man And I Couldn't Leave Him Because I Was Enjoying The Relationship–According to Kiitan BukolaFamous Yoruba film actress Kiitan Bukola recently talked candidly about her previous romantic experiences in an interview with media personality Damilola Banire, which was posted on the Oyinmomotv YouTube channel. She said that she had previously dated a married man in an unexpected disclosure. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Bukola agreed that some marriages had flaws and suggested that there are a number of reasons why people should look for friendship outside of their marriages. She made reference to her own polygamous upbringing, in which her father had several women and many children, in order to suggest the complex viewpoint she had about marriage and relationships.

During the interview, Bukola candidly admitted to dating a married man, revealing the difficulty she faced in extricating herself from the relationship. She attributed this challenge to the enjoyment she derived from the companionship, hinting at the emotional attachment and fulfillment she experienced despite the unconventional nature of the union.

Hear her: “Some people’s marriage are not perfect that is why some of them may decide to try another marriage. I came from a polygamous family, and there is a limit to what I can say when it comes to marriage, because my father married five wives and has nineteen children.I dated a married man and I couldn’t leave him because I was enjoying the relationship.”

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