How We Rescued 137 Kuriga Schoolchildren Kidnapped In Zamfara – According to Nigerian Army

How We Rescued 137 Kuriga Schoolchildren Kidnapped In Zamfara - According to Nigerian Army

The means by which a group of students from Kuriga in Kaduna State’s Chikun Local Government Area (LGA) were freed in Zamfara State has been made public by the Defense HQ. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

The Director of Defence Media Operations, Edward Buba, declared in a statement on Sunday that the 137 hostages had been successfully freed, as the Daily Post reported.

He gave an explanation of the sequence of events, saying that on March 7, 2024, military personnel learned of a terrorist strike at LEA School Kuriga in Chikun LG, Kaduna State. This led to the apprehension of an unidentified number of children.

Afterwards, the military pledged to utilize all available resources until every hostage was safely rescued.

During the early hours of March 24, 2024, a well-coordinated search and rescue operation took place, led by the military in cooperation with local authorities and governmental agencies across the country.

As a result of this operation, the hostages, who were identified as the individuals initially kidnapped from the school in Kuriga, Chikun LGA, Kaduna State, were successfully liberated.

Out of the 137 hostages rescued, comprising 61 males and 76 females, arrangements were organized to transfer them to the Kaduna State Government for additional required procedures.

Furthermore, it was highlighted that troops had previously rescued 16 pupils, referred to as Almajiris, and one female hostage in Gada LGA of Sokoto State on March 21, 2024. Subsequently, these individuals were handed over to the Sokoto State Government.

The Defense headquarters emphasized that this series of successful interventions underscores the steadfast commitment of the armed forces to locate other innocent captives and pursue those responsible for these reprehensible acts.

Their ongoing endeavors aim to identify and prosecute all individuals accountable for the brutal killings of 18 soldiers in the Okuama community of Delta State. These perpetrators will face the full force of justice under Nigerian law. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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