Herders Don’t Need To Be Carrying Cows Across The Country, You Need To Keep Them In One Place -According to General Christopher Musa

Herders Don't Need To Be Carrying Cows Across The Country, You Need To Keep Them In One Place -According to General Christopher Musa

The long-standing problem of herder/farmer conflicts has been addressed by General Christopher Musa, Chief of Defense Staff of the Nigerian Army, who attributes it to climate issues that both groups face. In order to reduce violence, he underlined the necessity of offering choices. He recommended that rather than relocating across the nation, herders should maintain their livestock in one location and provide them with sufficient nutrition. Stressing the commercial side of herding, he called on the government to support herders by making land more accessible through acquisition. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He said in an interview with Channels TV, ”The issue of herder/farmer clashes. You know the climate challenges are affecting everywhere, especially farmers and herders. Herders are looking for areas where they can graze, farmers want to farm so that they can get their farm produce so that they can be able to sell. The Challenge is that if we don’t provide alternatives. Herders don’t need to be carrying cows across the country, you need to keep them in one place and feed them properly. It’s business. So the government should try and encourage them. If you want to get land, acquire land and pay for it because it’s business that you are doing” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>


  1. Rearing of cattle is a personal business, not a government business, just like farming is a personal business and a means of livelihood, if you own cattle, look for a state where you know you can acquire land, fence it very well and take care of your cattle there, why are heeders making it look like the business is a federal thing, you see them moving in the forest, and security finds it difficult most times to differentiate between who is a header and who bandits are, they should settle down in one place that’s the best

  2. A new Sheriff is in town. No Government official had dared to tell these murderers this home truth since 1999 .The have always been pampered leading one atrocity after another. How has cow testing become a subject in the exclusive list ?

  3. General Christopher Musa had said it all. There’s no other solution than what he said. It will minimize problems here n there if not eradicated

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